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Stop Software Installation Tool

The Stop Software Installation Tool allows you to prevent users of your computer from installing
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26 November 2014

Editor's review

Fancy screensavers, luring games, attractive web applications, etc, often tempt our kids to download these entities. These applications are also serve as a major vehicles for bringing spyware and malware to your website. If you are concerned about these implicit intrusions then there is a dire need for forbidding your kids from installing these software, and Stop Software Installation Tool application seems to be worthwhile for this purpose. It helps in protecting your PC through password protection to stop the unwanted installation of any kind of software. You simply need to preset the rules to block the set-up execution, and even define the users, who are allowed to install a software. The interface of the program is attractive and the feature-set can be easily operated.

The interface of the Stop Software Installation Tool application is designed for the user’s convenience. The features to set the configurations are shown at the left panel, which are Quick Start, File Mask, Users Control and Program Options. The ‘Quick Start’ feature is provided to help the users to know about the functioning of the program and the procedure to follow. With the ‘File Mask’ option you add, edit and remove the Mask and Description for the type of set-up files that you want to block from installation. Beginners would find it easy by downloading the file mask list and even load the existing file. Further to select the ‘Users Control’ you can make the selection of the users and set the rules to allow or restrict any specific users to from installing any sort of application. To make the program work as per specifications, you can select ‘Program Options’. It allows the program to set the Password and enable recording Log file. The program can be set to minimize to system tray, show the password window for installation and even set the hot Keys.

The Stop Software Installation Tool application is an integration of different features and the process that makes it easy for you blocking the software installation for the safety of your system. The software includes a functional feature-set and shows decent competence in providing the protection, and hence rated with 3 points.

Publisher's description

I do not approve of some of the programs or games that my child installs on my computer. Also I can not even control him to prevent software installation. What can I do?. How many times we heard this question from parents. Without good preventative measures, children can bring a functioning computer to its knees in a matter of minutes. Children are a leading cause of viruses, spyware, and adware being installed on computers. Children download programs, play games, and tinker with computers. Questionable programs and changes to settings can slow down your computer or disable important functions. Irreparable damage can be done to your operating system, files, and settings.
Is there a way to prevent them from doing this and how can you keep your children from destroying your computer ?
YES. The Stop Software Installation Tool allows you to prevent users of your computer from installing unwanted software with password protection. You can specify rules according files masks to block software installers execution.
Main features:
- set the administrator password to prevent software installation, change program settings, uninstall the Stop Software Installation Tool;
- specify the list of rules with files masks to block certain file execution;
- define users who may or not to install programs on your PC;
- start the program in the hidden mode or with the tray icon;
- use the hot key to activate the program;
- control users activities with the log file.
Keep PC in order and make your life easy with this tool.
Stop Software Installation Tool
Stop Software Installation Tool
Version 5.1.1
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